Has anybody not seen Screen Novelties' ELF: BUDDY'S MUSICAL CHRISTMAS? If you haven't you must immediately go and watch it!! They only managed to make one of the most charming and endearing Christmas Specials since"Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" or "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (The Chuck Jones one, not that horrible Jim Carrey monstrosity). I was lucky enough to work on it, and got credit actually far beyond what I deserved. I did a few background sketches and colors, and also colored over a couple background sketches done by Justin Thompson. But aside from being incredibly talented, hardworking and visionary, the guys at Screen Novelties are also exceedingly generous with credit so they gave me the title "Background Design and Colors by" when really all I did was draw over sets they were already building and colored them to their specifications. They knew exactly what they wanted and I think needed reference paintings to give to the busy crew building the sets while they were off doing other things. In any case, I'm extremely proud to have worked on this!!! Scroll down to see a slideshow of the pieces I did.

And here's a great photo of Screen Novelties' Mark, Seamus and Chris looking like Gods during the making of.